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Rigostep Royl Oil 2K (Colorless) nr 4560 (click here for the content), Solvent-free, impregnating two-component oil for parquet, furniture, other wooden surfaces and bamboo. Properties Load-bearing and resistant after drying overnight, One treatment is su

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Royl Oil 2K (Colorless) nr 4560,

Solvent-free, impregnating Black colored two-component oil for parquet, furniture, other wooden surfaces and bamboo.

RigoStep ROYL OIL-2K is a unique combination of renewable natural oils and a special B-component. This second component ensures very fast curing and protection, making a surface finished with ROYL OIL-2K durable and water-resistant after just one night. ROYL OIL-2K impregnates, nourishes and fills deep into the pores and polymerizes into a tough, dense protective layer. Because ROYL OIL-2K completely fills the pores and remains fully filled even after drying - one treatment is sufficient.
Also very suitable for renovation and maintenance of floors in intensively loaded areas, such as shops, company canteens, hotels, offices, etc.
Very elastic; does not crack or peel. Not static rechargeable. Prevents the penetration of dirt and moisture.
ROYL OIL-2K is both VOC-free and solvent-free.

Please note that you hereby order the base of the color oil that has been built up according to the color swatch (see images), so for example 1x Royl Basic White + 1 Color Pigment Alaska White No. 10 ,
You order the Basic Clear Oil with this article, the pot of color pigment you order separately (see also below as related article) But if that is not necessary and you already like this colorless then this can suffice and of course you do not need another separate color pigment. the same applies to all other colors.

Properties ,

  • Gently and moisture resistant after 12 hours.
  • Load-bearing and resistant after drying for 24 hours (completely dried)
  • fully hardened after 1 week.
  • Potlife 3 hours
  • One treatment is sufficient in most cases (Spar and Larch wood etc may have 2 layers)
  • Can be colored with color pigment for oil
  • A + B component together 90% vegetable and renewable.
  • Completely solvent-free.
  • High efficiency (approx. 30 - 40 m2 per liter)
  • Very durable and stain resistant
  • For very intensively used floors.
  • Density approx. 0.94 kg / liter
  • Solids content approx. 100%
  • Delivered with B-component.
  • Also available as Basic White and Black.
  • Basic Clear # 4560, White # 4561 and Black # 4562: can be colored with loose COLOR PIGMENTS.
  • Content 1 Liter.


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