Rectangular pads 12x25cm (6 Colors) ACTION

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Woca Pads Rectangle 12x25cm (6 colors available) [Tisa-Line] for special pod holder. Available in different colors and hardnesses, the lighter the color, the softer the pad.Donkere pads are used to kr a light abrasive effect ...

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Product description

Woca pads 12x25cm Do not pad holder,

Available in different colors and hardnesses, the lighter the color, the softer the pad.

  • Dark (black / green) pads are used in order to obtain a light scouring effect, and for the serious cleaning work.
  • Light pads (Red / White) are mainly used to scrub surfaces.
  • NEW RED is the path that is suitable for many purposes and therefore the best choice in combination with the white pad.
  • BEIGE path become widely used for polishing light and soft oil rub.
  • WHITE is the softest and perfect for light, polish and uitboenen.
  • BLUE is used for light sanding and inboenen of waxes and oils.
  • NEW now the Maroon (= Purple) Stripping Pad for eg Neutral Oil and stripping wood and tile floors.
  • These pads are specially designed for the distribution of intensive cleaner and oil products, etc. in combination with the blue pad holder, the pad holder which is further down the list, this fits exactly on these pads. This is possible with a shaft or with the hand.
  • PS: Scrubbing is always so INboenen of 2 phases and uitboenen INboenen done with a rougher path as the RED and uitboenen with a soft like WHITE path.
  • Because of danger always deal carefully with combustible oil-soaked pads and cloths
  • ACTION: All 6 colors for a total of 6 pieces for 21, - !!


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Same material as the Dynacross Superpads hand pads.

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