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  • Álle kleuren en maten leverbaar
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Floorboy Boenmachine XL300 The Floorboy XL300 is suitable for professional and domestic use for cleaning, oiling ao Floo...


5 x Boen Pad Black 33 or 40cm ACTION (5 pieces) Top quality! For polishing the 1st filling wax layer and for a light abr...


5 x 33 or 40cm BoenPad White ACTION (5 pieces) Top Quality! White pad (very fine) for shiny polishing and polishing of v...


BoenPad Red 5 x 33 or 40cm ACTION (5 pieces) Top Quality! The mat polishing wasvloeren and inpoetsen floor oil. To get i...


BoenPad Beige 5 x 33 or 40cm ACTION (5 pieces) Top Quality! For silk gloss polishing wasvloeren.Te gain in 13 and 16 inc...

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