STEP Renovation paint 2k #6250

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Rigostep STEP Renovation lacquer 2k #6250, Water-based 2-component polyurethane renovation lacquer with great adhesion. Very suitable for renovation of lacquered floors and surfaces that cannot, or can no longer, be sanded bare. For example..

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Product description

Rigostep STEP Renovation paint 2k #6250,

Water-based 2-component polyurethane renovation lacquer with high adhesion.
Very suitable for renovation of lacquered floors and surfaces that cannot, or can no longer, be sanded bare. For example, veneer parquet and existing finishing layers where no adhesion can be obtained with other products, such as on factory-lacquered wooden floors. Also suitable for laminate, PVC and vinyl.
The renovation lacquer hides surface wear, restores dull floors and makes surfaces suitable for intensive use.
Not suitable for parquet treated with wax, linseed oil and linoleum floors.
After finishing with STEP Renovation lacquer, do not apply any other types of lacquer or polish.

Benefits Step Renovation Paint #6250,

  • Perfect adhesion in one layer
  • Without primer or bare sanding
  • Suitable for intensive use
  • Restores surface wear on parquet, laminate, vinyl and PVC.
  • Masks scratches and revives dull floors.
  • Finished in ½ day.

Substrate and preparation,

Check paint and drying conditions well before painting. This gives time and opportunity to take measures. Temper incoming sunlight if necessary. Ensure adequate ventilation during drying.
Bring the product to room temperature before use.
Register the batch numbers of the products used (6-digit number on the packaging).
Always make a test area on unknown surfaces first.
The surface must be clean, dry and free of wax, grease and dust. Check the adhesion beforehand.

system structure,

Apply only to existing finishes.
First clean the surface with STEP Intensive Cleaner #9200 and sand in between with sandpaper grain size P120/P150. Choose the grain size and sanding method in such a way that the existing finishing layer is not completely sanded through.
After polishing, carefully remove dust and immediately apply the first layer.
Before applying a possible second layer, sand the surface with P120.
Apply a second coat within 48 hours.

Apply Step Renovation Paint #6250,

Shake A-component briefly and vigorously. Add B-component and shake vigorously again for about 1 minute. Pour the lacquer through a sieve into a lacquer tray. Distribute the paint evenly in lanes or sections. It is important to apply the paint fully, this creates better wetting and better flow. Roll over overlaps well wet in wet. Avoid differences in layer thickness.
Use a microfiber paint roller with a coat thickness of 9-11 mm, and a full, long-haired brush for the edges or small parts. Only use stainless steel or plastic tools.
Avoid mixing with other types of lacquers. Therefore, do not use rollers or brushes that have been used before with another type of paint.

Maintenance Step Renovation Paint #6250,

Clean with STEP Mild Cleaner and/or inovnet weekly or as often as you like.
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