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Rigostep Floor Polish Choose your Type Protects the paint layer and simplifies maintenance. And fills and covers things like use scratches. Consumption: 60-80 m2 / ltr. Content 1 Ltr.

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Rigostep Floor Polish -ACTION-

Water-based polish for the periodic maintenance of floors finished with STEP (or Rigostep) Parquet lacquer. (Obviously can also be used on other brands of water-based paint) Restores and extends the life of the paint layer. Dirt-dusting, prevents the penetration of dirt, fills small scratches from use and masks traces of use. Available in Matt #9190, Satin #9180 and Gloss #9170.
Formerly RigoStep Floor Polish Polymer.

Protects the paint layer and simplifies maintenance, Consumption: 60-80 m2/ltr. Content 1 Ltr.
Can also be used to protect laminate!

Please note the factory has also given this product a fresh modern look, this was previously the Rigostep Floor Polish Polymer and these 3 gloss levels have now been given a new name and look, Matt #9190, Satin #9180 and Gloss #9170 see also later in this text. So content is the same and of course also applicable to both the old Rigostep paints and the new Step paints.
We still sell out the old packaging, but it is possible that you will receive the new packaging in the course of the year.


  • For repairing and protecting varnished floors.
  • Before servicing, always clean thoroughly with STEP Intensive Cleaner #9200 .
  • Apply the polish undiluted with a damp cloth.
  • If necessary, apply a second layer crosswise after drying (minimum 1 hour).
  • Yield: 40-60 m2/l.


  • Very suitable for maintaining, refreshing and repairing all surfaces treated with STEP Parquet Lacquer, such as parquet and plank floors, furniture, table and worktops.
  • Depending on the load on the floor, apply STEP Polish once or twice or more often if necessary.
  • Available in Matt #9190, Satin #9180 and Gloss #9170.

Substrate and preparation,
• Empty the room and vacuum the floor.
• Always make a test area on unfamiliar surfaces first.
• Note: Always clean thoroughly with STEP Intensive Cleaner #9200 (also to prevent the build-up of a too thick polish layer, in the case of maintenance treatments).
Apply polish after,
• a STEP Intensive Cleaner #9200 treatment: after drying for at least 8 hours.
• applying a STEP Parquet lacquer layer: 16-24 hours after drying of the last lacquer layer.
• a first layer of STEP Polish: after drying for at least 1 hour.

Note: Shake well before use!

• Apply STEP Polish undiluted with the special Polish cloth below from the Opti Set or a coat wiper, a polish cover or a damp, wrung-out mop around a rubber wiper.
• Distribute the polish evenly over the floor in overlapping strips.
• Do not attempt to correct a drying polish layer.
• Always treat the entire surface to avoid differences in gloss and coating thickness.
• If necessary, apply a second layer crosswise after at least 1 hour of drying.

Sand and dirt act like sandpaper. Use entrance mats to prevent the ingress of dirt as much as possible.
• Do not leave spilled liquids for too long.
• Provide chairs and other furniture with protective felts.
• Over the years, your floor will have to be repainted. Make sure that this is done in time, at least before the paint layer has locally worn through.
• Timely repair deep scratches and damage in which the paint layer has been completely cut through, which can be caused by the fall of a sharp object or by point loading.

Make sure you always clean the floor hygienically with the special Inovnet which you see below, which is the only 99% biodegradable cleaner that also cleans hygienically and does not affect the floor. This can be used weekly or even daily.

In case of coarse pollution, first use the Strip intensive cleaner (this only needs to be done once and then never again if you use the Inovnet).

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